For our mutual protection, this is the authorization to charge for your travel arrangements from your debit/credit card

This is to confirm that in keeping with all applicable laws, I am authorizing 2VN TRAVEL INC to purchase travel/air ticket/visa/passport by the Credit/Debit mentioned above. Further, I understand that I authorize this transaction and 2VN TRAVEL INC harmless with respect to these instructions.

I understand that 2VN TRAVEL INC will charge the card after reconfirmation of the itinerary over the phone/email. Also, there can be multiple charges against the said transaction equivalent to the authorized amount for the booking.

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Note: For security and authentication purposes, the Airline may require these documents from us. Failure to provide these documents may result in the automatic cancellation of the reservation. Once payment is received for any trip, there may be a fee for any changes or cancellations.

Thank you for verifying the payment information with us!